Can I Charge for My FlexBook® Textbook to Recover the Cost of Printing?

We do permit reimbursement of nominal printing charges in order to make hard copies of FlexBook® textbooks available to students. However, selling a CK-12 textbook for profit is a violation of our Creative Commons license.

CK-12 does not reimburse for the cost of printing. Teachers may seek reimbursement from the student by following the guidelines below.

You may make a hard copy available to a student and recoup the cost of printing the book, as long as your student knows:

  • they may obtain a free version of the book online (on the CK-12 website)
  • the copying costs are nominal
  • the book is used for educational purposes
  • there is no profit motivation
  • the book will be used in accordance with the other provisions of our license

For example, a learning institution or individual may print a small amount of copies (less than 1000 copies), in order to distribute to their students. We extend this courtesy to our users and our only requirement is for you to email with the following information: 

  • Who are you?
  • What learning institution do you represent?
  • How may we contact, if needed?
  • How many copies do you wish to print, of which book?
  • How will he material be used?
  • What price do you intend to charge for these books?
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