Best Practice for Customizing a FlexBook® Textbook with Multiple Authors

Here are a few ways you can customize or create a FlexBook® textbook with multiple teachers.

Collaborate using multiple CK-12 accounts

CK-12 recommends designating a content organizer or editor, someone who receives the parts or portions of content to assemble.  When a part is complete send a link to the part to the content organizer. The organizer will use the "Add to Flexbook" option to add the item to the main FlexBook. 

You can also create a group to easily share resources with collaborators.

Collaborate using a single CK-12 account

This method does not allow multiple editors to work on the same concept at the same time.  You should divide the workload among the teachers, each working on a different concept or FlexBook® textbook to avoid overwriting each other's work. 

Our system tracks versions or "revisions".  If multiple teachers are working on the same book and attempting to save, CK-12 will not allow saving to prevent overwriting another teacher's work.  The CK-12 user will see the message "Could not save modality. Concept you are trying to save is not the latest". To resolve this, follow these steps.

Use Alternate Editors - Google Docs or Microsoft Word

Google Docs provides collaboration features, allowing multiple users to work on a single document. You can create concepts using Google Docs, then upload them to your FlexBook® textbook. Microsoft Word files can also be uploaded to your FlexBook® textbook.

Once uploaded, make adjustments using the CK-12 editing tools to achieve the final formatting desired.

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