How to Add a New Section to a Chapter

Here's how to add a section to a chapter in your FlexBook®:

  1. Sign in to CK-12
  2. Click on Library.
  3. Select the FlexBook®.
  4. Click Edit on the left menu.
  5. Click on Add Content and choose the type of content you would like to add. (Note that "New Chapter" cannot later become a subchapter. If you are creating subchapters, choose "Write a modality.")

  1. Title the section, add the content and click on Save.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to locate your content, click and drag the "crosshairs" button to arrange your FlexBook®.

Make sure the teal arrow next to the destination chapter is pointing downward before trying to drag in the read modality you want to use as a sub-chapter. Also make sure the destination chapter is a chapter (has a teal arrow), and not a read (does not have a teal arrow.) Reads cannot become chapters with sub-sections.

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