Accessing the CK-12 User Settings

Here's how to access the CK-12 user settings:

  1. Click on the top right button to launch the available app settings.
  2. Here are descriptions of the buttons available in the app settings.
    • Subjects - Tap here to go to a list of CK-12 Subjects.
    • Settings - Tap on Settings to go to your profile. Here, you can update information including your username and password, or update email notification preferences.
    • Help - Tap Help to launch the Android web browser and go to the CK-12 Help Center. Here, you can find relevant help topics to aid in your exploration of CK-12 and the CK-12 Android app.
    • Sign Out -  Tap on Sign Out to log out of your CK-12 account on the Android device. 
    • Other Menus - If there are CK-12 challenges or other events going on, you may see menu items related to these.  For example, the screenshot below includes a menu for the Summer BrainFlex program.

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