Overview of the CK-12 Concept Page

CK-12 provides content in a variety of modalities.  This approach maximizes the learning for individuals by providing them with multiple ways to learn any given concept.  This approach also benefits a broad population of learners by providing modalities that they most effectively learn with.

How to Find Concepts

There are two ways to find Concept Pages on CK-12.


  1. Click the Browse button on the top navigation bar. 
  2. Choose a subject
  3. On the Concepts tab, choose a Concept


  1. Enter a search term in the Search box at the top of the page.
  2. On the left, click "Concepts" in the Categories section to filter results so that only Concepts appear.
  3. Choose a Concept from the results. 

Overview of the CK-12 Concept Page

The top section of the Concept page contains the following:

  1. Concept name - clicking on the arrow icon  presents the topic list view, each concept is clickable to review the corresponding concept page.
  2. Featured Content - allows immediate access to the concept's featured modalities and interactive practice questions.

Content Filter Tabs

Below the Featured Content section, are tabs to help narrow down desired content.

  • CK-12 Content presents modalities built and curated by CK-12.
  • Community Contributed presents modalities built by our growing community of CK-12 users. 
  • All Content presents both CK-12 Content and Community Contributed in a single view.
  • Level options allow the user to select from Basic, At Grade, or Advanced (if available for the concept).  Clicking the  will provide a brief definition of each level.

Within each tab, modalities are presented to the user.  For example: Read, PLIX, Assessments, and others. By default all available modalities are shown.  The user may filter by clicking on the modalities presented for the concept.  In the image below videos, study aids, web links, etc are available to view.

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