How to Add a Student to a Braingenie Class

Here is how you can add students to your class.

  1. Sign into your Braingenie teacher account.
  2. Under "My Classes", select the class you want to modify.
  3. Select the "Roster" option under the class title.



Adding a student using a username or email

Use this option for students who already have accounts.

  1. Click on the Add Student button


Uploading a CSV (creates new accounts)

The csv will need to have these column names last name, first name, and password.

  1. Click on the Upload CSV button.

Note: You cannot set a username from the csv. The usernames are generated to prevent duplicates from being created.


Creating a new student account

This creates a new account and automatically adds them to your class.

  1. Type in the last name, first name.
  2. Optionally enter a username, or omit for a system generated one.
  3. Enter a password.

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