Getting Started on Android Devices

The CK-12 app for Android delivers thousands of math and science concepts for mobile learning.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store and search "CK-12" to locate our app.
  2. Tap the CK-12 app icon.
  3. Install the free app.
  4. Once installed launch the CK-12 app.
  5. Join or Sign In
  6. Begin by selecting a subject to see the list of available topics.
  7. Tap a topic to reveal the list of related concepts.
  8. Tap a concept to view related content.
  9. If available, tap the sub-concept you are interested in.
  10. Select Start Practicing to dive into practice questions or scroll down to view Recommended Resources.
  11. Swipe left and right to view additional Recommended Resources.
  12. To access Settings, Help or to Sign Out tap the dots on the top right.
  13. Here are descriptions of the buttons available when you practice.
    • Submit - tap to submit, CK-12 will automatically grade the practice attempt and present the results.
    • Exit - tap to exit the current practice attempt.
    • Scratchpad - tap to utilize a space to work on the steps of the question.
    • Hint - tap to reveal a hint or hints towards answering the present question.





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