How to Create Assignments

To add assignments:

  1. Log into Canvas and browse to the course in which you would like to create an assignment. 

  2. On the left, click Assignments.

  3. Click the +Assignment button. This will take you to the assignment editor.

  4. Add a description or other instructions in the editor. Modify other attributes of the assignment as needed. (For example: Points, Display Grade As, etc.)

  5. For Submission Type, choose External Tool.

  6. Click on "External Tool URL"

  7. Choose CK-12 App in the dialog that appears. This name will vary depending on how your CK-12 installation was implemented.  If you are uncertain which external tool to choose, please contact your administrator. 

  8. Click on a Subject.

  9. Click on a sub-topic from the list that appears.

  10. Click on a concept.

  11. Choose one of the available modalities.

  12. Click Add, then Select.

  13. Choose a due date, recipients and availability. 

  14. Click Save, or Save & Publish if you are ready to publish your assignment.

Video Walk-through

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