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Welcome to CK-12! There are a few main components of the site you may wish focus on first. These are Concepts, Groups and Assessments.


Concepts are collections of modalities related to a subject, which provide provide multiple ways to learn the same material. You can find these by clicking Browse on the top navigation bar, then selecting a subject. For example, you might choose Earth Science. There will be two tabs: Concepts & FlexBook Textbooks.

Concepts Tab

The links on the Concepts tab provide access to tools such as shorter reads, PLIXes (Play, Learn, Interact, Xplore), activities, study aids, videos and assessments. There is a tab for CK-12 content, and a tab for Community Contributed content. I highly recommend spending some time exploring the various resources here, to see what might work for your classes.

FlexBook Textbooks Tab

The FlexBook Textbooks tab provides links to any available CK-12 books on the subject. These are fully customizable. You can rearrange chapters, add materials, combine books, and make many other customizations. See the links below to some articles in our Help Center, that detail how to work with FlexBooks.


To share all of this material with your students we provide Groups. You can create a group for your class, and invite them to join. (Note, if you are homeschooling, it is fine to have a group of only one, or a few students.) Once in the group, they have access to any FlexBooks or other materials you have shared with the group. This can include CK-12 content and links to external content. The Q&A section of groups allows you to conduct class discussions. You can also view reports on student progress, and manage class membership. Groups also allow you to assign practices and quizzes (also called "assessments") to your students.


You can create your own practices and quizzes, or use those that already exist on the site. Existing practices and quizzes are usually found by clicking Assessments when viewing a Concept. Note that not all subjects have assessments. You can customize practices and quizzes, and create your own questions. See the links below to articles that explain how to edit or create quizzes and practices.

What if I have questions?

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact support.

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