Downloading for Offline Reading

Once you've have found your FlexBook Textbook, you can download the whole book, or individual chapters for offline reading.

Downloading Full Books

While viewing the information page for the book, click the "Download Full Book - Offline" button.

A progress indicator will appear on the cover of the book, and you will see progress indicators on each chapter as the book downloads.  The Open button will appear next to each chapter as it becomes available.

Downloading Chapters

You can also download individual chapters. While viewing the information page for the book, click the icon to the right of the chapter title, in the "Download Offline" column.

The download icon will change to a progress indicator, and then to an Open button when the chapter becomes available. 

A Note About Community Contributed Books

Community contributed books are accessed a bit differently. To download these books to the FlexBook app, you'll need to navigate to them in a mobile browser, then click the "Open in app" button. That will open the book in the app, and allow you to download it. Once downloaded, you'll be able to access the book directly in the app.

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