Finding FlexBooks

Finding CK-12 Books

  1. Tab the app menu icon in the upper right corner, then Subjects

  2. Tap the subject in which you are interested.

  3. Narrow your selections by tapping a sub-category. 

  4. You can now scroll through all of the books available for that subject, or further refine your search by choosing a language or difficulty level from the menus at the top of the list.  (Note, if there are no language or level choices available, those menus will not appear.)

Finding Community Contributed Books

Community contributed books are accessed a bit differently. To download these books to the FlexBook app, you'll need to navigate to them in a mobile browser, then click the "Open in app" button. That will open the book in the app, and allow you to download it. Once downloaded, you'll be able to access the book directly in the app.

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