Cafe Guidelines

What is the CK-12 Cafe?

The cafe is a collection of discussion forums which are meant to encourage CK-12 users to engage in exciting conversations. Users are invited to post questions, share viewpoints, offer multiple ways to solve problems, and share resources.

Share your ideas:

  • Participate in great learning discussions.
  • Suggest alternate opinions and methods.
  • Share content you use with others.
  • Enhance the page with helpful questions and answers and avoid words or images that could lead to confusion.

Be respectful:

  • Please keep in mind that these are learning discussions.
  • Respect other's opinions.
  • Use appropriate language. Attacks on others, profane or offensive language, and other inappropriate comments will be deleted and users will lose the privilege to use CK-12.
  • To enhance clarity, use proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Post meaningful images and resources.
  • Don’t post personal information about yourself and others.
  • Don’t be a troll. Off-topic, incoherent, and inflammatory statements are destructive to the community and will be deleted.
  • Encourage others to positively add to the conversation to help everyone learn.


Using the CK-12 Cafe

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