Cafe Overview

The CK-12 Cafe is meant to encourage CK-12 users to engage in exciting conversations. Users are invited to post questions, share viewpoints, offer multiple ways to solve problems, and share resources.

You can find our Cafe Guidelines here.


Cafe - Here you will find collections of discussions on various general topics.

Discussion - A collection of threads on a more specific topic.

Thread - An exchange on a specific question or idea.

Accessing the Cafe

To access the CK-12 Cafe, go to:

You'll see a list of active discussions:  

Click on any discussion title to enter the discussion, and see a list of active threads:

Just under the title of the discussion, you'll find a description of the discussion, information about how many Threads are active, whether or not you are following this discussion, and a link to share the discussion with others. (See details on how to share discussions here.) You can also sort discussions by Most Votes, or Unanswered.  

The left navigation panel provides links to Cafe Guidelines, a tour of the discussions (see the "How does this work?" link), who's following the discussion, and Discussion Settings.


Using the CK-12 Cafe

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