As a parent, how can I use CK-12 with my child(ren)?

Parents can act as a coach or teacher by creating a free Teacher account and one or more classes on CK-12.


To add your child to a class, visit the members page within the class and add your child as a student. Alternatively, if your child already has an account or creates their own free Student account, you can pull the group code or link from the settings page within your class and share that with your child. They can then use that code or link to join your class on CK-12


After this setup, you can create assignments using resources on CK-12 and monitor your child’s progress using reports on the class page.


If your child already has a CK-12 account that he or she is using at school and you want to see their current progress, you can ask your child to log in to CK-12 and visit their class page where you can see their assignments and reports. You can also see any of their completed practice on the Self Study tab of their dashboard.

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