Creating FlexBook 2.0 Assignments

Assigning multiple concepts from the main FlexBook

To assign multiple concepts from the book (or...all of the book), click the "Choose" button under the FlexBook cover, and choose "Assign."


Choose to assign to your CK-12 class, or to your Google Classroom.



Why can't I assign to another LMS, such as Canvas or Schoology?

We are introducing FlexBooks 2.0 with Google Classroom as the first integrated LMS. Our engineering team is working on integrations with other LMSs, and those will be available in a future release.

In this example, we've chosen to assign to a CK-12 class.


Select the concepts you'd like your students to complete, and set due dates for them. Then click the "Assign" button.





Assigning a single concept from a lesson

To assign a single lesson, navigate to that lesson in the book, then click the "Assign" button at the top of the page.


 Choose the class you'd like to assign the lesson to, and set a due date. Then click the "Assign" button.




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